Friday, June 17, 2011

Still procrastinating...also a new project

I am still working towards shooting my first official YouTube video, just haven't had the time to work out a decent script for what I want to say. It is coming soon patient.

As for the new project, this deserves a backstory. On June 3rd, one of my closest friends passed away while she was visiting me at my apartment. Traci was 31 years old. We had just gotten back in touch after 2 years of not speaking. We met seven years ago shortly after I moved back to Newport from Salem. We spent a lot of good times together and shared a love of poetry. One of the things I "inherited" from Traci was her writing binder, which contains six poems. I had two or three more that I had saved on my computer from years ago, and another one that a friend of hers sent me after her passing, which totals only ten poems so far. I want to try and collect as much of her poems as I can, but I am going to have to rely on other people to wrangle the material for me. I'm hoping more can be salvaged. Once I have gathered everything together, I will have it published.

Today I started the editing process of the material that I have so far. I copied her poems by hand, making only spelling corrections and shaping her verses a little bit. Otherwise they are just as she wrote them. Next, I will transfer them to a Word document and then wait for more poems to surface. I am hoping that they will.