Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here ya go.

Scrambled Egg: Poems and Other Confessions
Written by Sara Megan Kay, published by on 9/14/11.

This book picks up immediately after 2007's "Roots of the Cypress Tree" leaves off, giving poetry lovers a new and much deeper glimpse into the author's life and heart. Inspired by the works of Sylvia Plath, Francois Villon and Ted Hughes, this is Sara Megan Kay's most personal work to date. Allow her to beckon you closer with her revelations regarding life and love, in a language that few can speak.

Here is the best part:
Remember that little surprise I mentioned a while back? Featured on the back cover is a short but thrilling review of ROTCT written by my dear, dear friend in the poetry world, Matthew Nolan. I am so honored that he did this for me, I don't know if its fully sunk in yet. Matthew, you are the best. Really truly.

"Scrambled Egg" is for sale at with the price of only $14.95 for paperback and $5 to download the e-book. As soon as I can, I will make this available on iBookstore along with my other books. Within 6-8 weeks "Scrambled Egg" will be available to buy at, but why wait until then? Please show your support by buying directly from the source.

Please buy your copy today.