Sunday, October 2, 2011

Roots of the Cypress Tree: Second Edition

In acknowledgment of my blog's impending 1000 views, I decided to create a second edition of my first book, Roots of the Cypress Tree. I never was completely satisfied with the font I chose, so I went back and cleaned it up and now it looks much better. Everything else is mostly the is still in hardcover, same cover art (though the text has been updated) and very few changes were made to the poems themselves. So for those who already own a copy of the first edition, congrats to you! It is now a collector's item.

I hope that those of you who haven't yet added ROTCT to your bookshelf, that you will do so now. I am proud of the changes I have made. Oh, and enjoy a 25% discount from the original price of $34.95 when you order from!

Click here to buy the second edition of ROTCT now!