Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making progress already :)

I have been working for hours at a time these last few days on my old stories. What a blast from the past. I remember sitting at my desk as a teenager from the time I got home to the time I went to bed, only stopping to eat dinner, typing away like a fiend on my Canon StarWriter 60. That was my first workhorse. I only stopped using that poor old thing when its built-in printer finally died, but it got at least five years worth of near constant use. Transferring the contents of the old text documents to Word has been a major pain. With every paragraph break and italicized or boldface words (so many italics!), there was a small mass of strange symbols in between sentences and words. Luckily I still know my old stories inside and out, so it wasn't too difficult.

The majority of my stories have been gone through and all the weird symbols have been removed, now all there is to do is fine tune them until I feel they are fit for release. My plan is to publish each one individually in eBook form, which depending on their size will only cost one or two dollars apiece. I will eventually combine them into a short story collection, maybe two if I feel like stretching it out further, but I doubt it.

My stories are so much shorter than I thought they were! I was sure "Survivors" would be long enough to be a standalone title, but its only 87 pages long! I was very impressed with some of them, many of my one-liners made me laugh out loud. There are one or two which will need an extensive rewrite, or else will get scrapped completely. Otherwise, they are still really good and I am so happy that they will finally be given an official release after collecting virtual dust for almost 16 years.