Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The first two short stories in a series of monthly releases has been published.

The Christmas Party, published 12/21/11
Synopsis: Anya Douglas and her small circle of friends each receive an invitation to a Christmas party. They decide to attend despite not knowing their hosts, and get much more than they bargained for this holiday season.

From my notes: I started writing this story on August 16th, 1998. I was 11 days shy of turning 18 years old. I finished it on January 25th, 2000.

Who might like this? Fans of the "Twilight" books and romance novels might enjoy it. This story contains some adult content, so don't let your kid read this one ;)

The Wall of Memories, published 12/22/11
Synopsis: When the Vietnam Memorial is dedicated in Washington DC, two veterans make the road trip to see it and come to terms with their memories of war that still haunts them 16 years later.

From my notes: This story was started on February 22nd and finished on April 12th, 1998. This was originally written for my Conflicts & Revolutions class, taught by Steve Cole. This story is dedicated to him.

Who might like this? Fans of war history, war films & literature. Although the story is fiction, it is set against the backdrop of actual events related to the Vietnam War.

I plan on releasing two more titles a month for the next five months, all in ePUB format. Then, when the time is right, I will combine all short stories into a single collection and publish in actual book form.

Be one of the first! For only $2 each, buy yourself a copy of "The Christmas Party" and/or "The Wall of Memories" today!