Saturday, December 3, 2011

Upcoming projects!

I have two projects that are on the horizon, thought you would like a sneak peek at whats coming up in my world.

1. On June 3rd, I lost one of my closest friends who was also a poet. Unfortunately in all the years that I knew her, she never saved her work, so only 11 of her poems have survived. I am planning a book which is a tribute to her life, which will include her surviving poems, photos, tribute pieces from friends and loved ones, and I have compiled all the Facebook status updates that she wrote in the last 6 months of her life. Unfortunately, much of the book relies on the contributions of friends and family and that is slowgoing. "Traci: A Life in Reflection" will hopefully be published in 2012.

2. Novella and Short Story Collections
Before I started writing poetry, I had aspirations towards being a novelist. One of my earliest goals was to publish my first book before age 16, which was how old S.E. Hinton was when she published "The Outsiders." I never realized that goal, but during the course of 15 years I wrote several short stories and novellas. Few are large enough to stand alone, and some will be paired together. I will be spending a lot of time going through and revising these old stories as needed- most of them were written when I was a teenager and therefore are in dire need of fine tuning.

Here is a brief list of titles which I will be reviving:

Repeat - One of two war-related stories that I penned in my senior year in high school. Set during World War 3, this centers on the antics and misadventures of a reluctant soldier who finds himself repeatedly returned to the front lines after being injured in combat.

The Wall of Memories - Another war related story, this was written originally as a class assignment. A veteran travels to Washington DC when the Vietnam Memorial is completed and comes to terms with his past as a soldier in the Vietnam War.

The Christmas Party - Three friends receive an invitation to a Christmas party from a mysterious couple who are more than they seem. This may appeal to those who enjoy the Twilight books.

Treasures - Three petty crooks get wind of an urban legend about a treasure chest buried at the bottom of a lake and get themselves roped into a fatal kidnapping scheme to find out the details.

Sibling Affairs - A group of friends become tangled in the lives of the Rush family, who share a deadly secret.

Survivors - A possible stand-alone book, this story is divided into two parts. Centering on the character of Sarah Greene, a high school student who is kidnapped with her class by a deranged teacher and a year later finds herself in a dangerous situation with her savior from the traumatic event. It is her circle of fun-loving friends who step in and save the day.

The Curse of Black Beauty - A man survives a near-fatal accident involving a horse and, upon moving forward with his life and finding true love, finds himself on borrowed time.

The Matchmaker - A middle aged woman sets up her roommate with a reclusive man and winds up falling for him herself.

The Serial Killer - A young woman is taken hostage by a serial killer, who falls in love with her and will do anything to reclaim her after she is rescued.

Ghosts of the Field - A woman investigates the mysterious death of a man whose ghost is haunting her.

Backtrack Thru Politics - Set in the year 2096, four scientists travel back 100 years to foil a Presidential assassination with the help of a professional time traveler.

A Fallen Colonel - Set in the pioneering days of the film industry and has characters modeled after real life silent celebrities, a trio of friends find both fame and heartache when one of them succumbs to alcoholism. This was begun in 1998 and is currently still unfinished.

Churning Through Sick Lullabies (working title) - A woman comes to terms with her life as "the other woman" in a couple's marriage after the husband dies.

These are all projects which will take a very long time to sort through and finalize. I will keep you posted on their progress.