Saturday, February 18, 2012

new RSS feed added to the Egg ;)

My fellow Facebook buds already know that I help co-admin the official fan page of Matthew Nolan.  Through some creative RSS feeding (is that even the right phrase?), I have linked the fan page to both this blog (scroll down to the bottom to find it) and also to my profile on Goodreads.  

If you are also on FB, I highly encourage you to check out his fan page and "like" it.  I am a regular poster on there, and I put up tons of informative links about books, authors and writing.  We have a small following as it is, and we are trying to get as many "likes" as we can.  According to the fan page's description, it is "a lounge for crazy writers and the bookworms who love them."  If you consider yourself to be either one or both, please find Matthew Nolan Fan Page on Facebook and "like" today!