Wednesday, April 11, 2012

update on my short story collection

Despite battling a sudden cold, I have gotten loads done on my manuscript tonight...actually, I finished it.

That's right, my friends!

The manuscript part of "The Short Story Collection of Sara Megan Kay" is finished.  My next step will be to design a cover.  This is something I will take my time on, I want it to look delicious.  I will shoot for a June 3rd release, in honor of Traci's birthday.

I don't have any specific names in the dedication...only to my graduating class of Newport High School, and a few select members of the two grades below me (if they sat at my table during lunch and before school, they should know who they are).  Several of these people provided inspiration for many characters in the stories, as many of them were written during my high school years.

I am so excited, I hope I will get to fall asleep at a decent hour tonight!  So glad to end this day on a positive note.  This cold has been strangely debilitating in its brief stay.