Saturday, May 26, 2012

Published today: "Ghosts of the Field (and other stories)"

Announcing the release today of my long-awaited collection of short stories!

Print edition cover art
This is a collection of sixteen short stories written by poet and author Sara Megan Kay between the years 1994-2005. The genres covered here include romance, action, science fiction, young adult, mystery & suspense, and war. There is bound to be something for everyone in this collection whether you are a sci-fi nerd, a hopeless romantic, a vampire enthusiast, a drama queen or a conspiracy theorist. If you or someone you know fits any of those descriptions, please purchase a copy today and help support the passions and dreams of an independent writer.

ISBN (print): 9781105660429
ISBN (eBook): 9781105805127

eBook edition cover art
The short stories in this collection are:
Anonymous / Hell Has Come / Daydream Believer / Survivors / Backtrack Thru Politics / The Wall of Memories / The Serial Killer / Repeat / Treasures / Sibling Affairs / The Matchmaker / The Christmas Party / Ghosts of the Field / The Parker Virus / Accidental Death / The Curse of Black Beauty

The print edition sells at a discounted price of $19.46 only at, anywhere else it is $25.95.  The eBook edition, compatible with all eReader devices, sells at just $5.  Please visit my official bookstore to be the first to own a copy!