Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blogger issues...and new poll (sort of)!

Been trying for a few days now, but for some reason Blogger won't save the new poll I want to put up for the month.  So instead I will post the new question here.  Please comment to leave your answer!

August 2012 poll:  Of the two listed below, who do you think is the better author?

A.  Henry Miller
B.  Anais Nin

If you haven't read either author, you are seriously missing out.  Both Miller and Nin had prolific writing careers.  Here is a starter reading list, and their links on Amazon (though I do encourage you to find these at your local bookstore instead):

By Henry Miller:
Tropic of Cancer
Black Spring
Tropic of Capricorn
Quiet Days in Clichy
Big Sur and the Oranges of Heironymous Beach

By Anais Nin:
Henry and June
Nearer the Moon
House of Incest
Winter of Artifice
D.H. Lawrence:  An Unprofessional Study