Saturday, February 16, 2013

Twitter and the art of shortening sentences.

I tweet.

It's something I never really thought was necessary before.  I am perfectly happy on Facebook and I need the space to ramble if I want to.  I can't do that on Twitter.  Hell, some of my tweets feel like I am dumbing myself down in order to say everything in 140 characters or less.  But I am following an ever-growing list of celebrities, writers, publishing companies, book magazines and soap opera actors; getting a taste of what my ideal network would be like.  I am trying to get some more exposure for my blog, for my books.  It's an experiment for now, we'll see if it makes a difference.  Feel free to follow me.

I realized today that it's been seven months since I last filmed a video for my YouTube channel.   That has been put on the back burner as I go through the motions in order to stay afloat.  At the end of my days, I am exhausted and only crave relief.  I recharge my batteries by doing more reading than I have in a very long time.  The book I am taking to work with me now is Children of the Albatross, volume two of Anais Nin's "Cities of the Interior."  I'll be finished with it soon.  Four Chambered Heart is next.

I haven't gone through my books in a while to see if there are any poems I want to read in a new video.  I'm contemplating on reading one that isn't published yet, sort of a sneak peek into whats coming.  Another idea that has been knocking around in my head is reading my five favorite poems by Sylvia Plath.  But in order to accomplish these, I need to find the time to focus and film.

Recently I did a photo shoot for the front cover art of my next book, to be titled "Alice at the Spa:  Poems and More".  The model is Sarah Jean, who started out as a friend of a friend (and former co-worker), and has quickly become my female muse.  See her as Alice here.

This is a test image...not the finished project by any means but the front cover will look something like this.  Remember, you saw it here first:

I need to spend more time blending in the sugar skull better, but you get the idea.

That's about it, really...trying to do the best I can to keep a proper balance of things.  I wish I could find a better job, start over in a position where I can make enough money to pay the bills and have plenty of time to pursue my art.  But as things are right now, it doesn't seem like it will happen.

Hope you got through V-Day in one piece...mine was definitely better than expected.  Take care.