Friday, May 31, 2013

Writing update.

It's been crunch mode for the last few days.  My deadline that I set for completing Alice at the Spa:  Poems and More is here and I haven't made as much progress with the manuscript as I wanted to.  I initially claimed that I would be fine with publishing a shorter book of poems. but now I am not so sure.  Last page count was 125, with the "and More" section now reduced to just prose.  I decided to cut the essays because there was only "My Hell, My Kitchen" and another that is unfinished, which removed 6 pages from the manuscript.

I really don't know here, guys...should I follow through with my promise to not add any more material after the deadline passes today, and proceed with the publishing process?  Or should I give myself more time?  I know either choice is fine...perhaps it is my insecurity showing through.

But thankfully, I have recently had a major ego boost.  My friend John E. Wordslinger (Poetry E. Train, Poets of Blood, 21st Century Poets) posted on Facebook that he would like to buy and review my poetry books.  This was a startling and welcome surprise, a big honor.  I don't know yet whether he intends to buy ROTCT or SEPOC, or even both...I just hope he thinks his money was well spent in the end.

After all these years, I'm still nervous about other people reading my work.  Every kind word of praise and support I have received has been a godsend to me.  I need to hear that I'm doing something right.