Sunday, August 4, 2013

The contest is over, so who won?

Congratulations to Mike Denison!  It was a tough decision, but ultimately your poem wormed its way into my fancy and tickled it.  As soon as possible, I will send you your free copy of Alice at the Spa:  Poems and More so keep an eye on your mailbox!

Here is the winning poem:

Moonlight flowing in, dark as blood
I aimlessly wander through the wood,
Cool, dark, heavy tears
Stain my arms and my hands. 
The cleansing wash of silky midnight
Hits my face and I'm still. 
I realize I've lost my way.

A big thanks to the other four who were brave enough to enter the contest...Mandy, Muriel, Trisha and Robert; your poems were all great and were major game changers.  You guys made it really difficult for me to choose a winner really, you did.  Thank you.

Curious to see the other entries?  Click on this link and scroll down to the comment section below my post.