Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Signal Flare

Can you see me now?

Its midnight in the dark
and I've raised my shirt,
Lifting my arms up to the weeping sky.

I reclaimed my freedom
and opened my breast to rain's kiss-
Feeling, sending, opening up
A torrent within this monsoon
I've had brewing inside for years.

What message can I send to you
Half nude, dripping wet,
Feeling free and vulnerable
To the elements and the peeping Toms
and it's all just so somehow,
Against all hope and reason
You might find me.

Searching, I'm always searching
For breaks in the clouds,
Thinking one day you'd be there,
Impish smile cast upon weary eyes
Twinkling, fingers curling.

Can you see me now?
My skin shines bright against the streetlight
While at the same time
I'm trying to hide
What sparks fly when I think of you.