Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall! Here are 2 new poems for you.

I Am The Envy

A gentle wind rocks the big chime
Which tickles its song to the sky

Birds flutter at the three hanging feeders,
A banquet for the taking.
Squirrels forage for walnuts and apples.
All competing with obnoxious blue jays
Who throw their weight around
To steal it all
and bury their loot like pirates.

I will light a campfire here,
Pick some fresh collards
and marvel at the fertile soil
From which pumpkins spring out
Among Johnny Jump Ups and chard.

Beauty to eat, beauty to see
Bask in and feel,
I am the envy of the lone sailboat,
and calculating cyclists.

Impending Storm

A shrill scream
Rocks the nearby trees
While a hummingbird chases
Down a red trumpet flower
For its last drop-

Stray sunflowers
Spring up where random
Seeds fell from
The beaks of careless jays
Rare bits of sunshine waving
This side of Google Earth.

The wind is picking up.
Morning fog has lifted
To reveal a muggy storm
I must smoke a cigarette in.
Birds have scattered.