Thursday, April 17, 2014

Driving home tonight

There were many scenes that I caught glimpses of while driving home from work tonight.  Thought I would share them before I forget, in case they spark something later.

A rainbow followed me to Toledo...kept popping up three or four times at various spots.  I got a couple of pics with my phone, this is the best one:

The first time I saw it, I had pulled over to the 76 station to put fifteen bucks worth of gas in my tank.  Times are lean right now, it's all I could afford.  It was across the highway facing east.  Big, bright, beautiful.  I pulled out my phone and snapped a pic before it faded, then went on my way.  The second time was just before I took the photo above.  I pulled over into the little strip mall where Mai's Asian Market is and took the pic, then uploaded to Facebook before heading home.  The rainbow disappeared for a time as I made my last drive up highway 20, got lost in the color contrast of the trees, which were being hit by sunlight but the sky above was deep gray, which made them pop out.  I always wish I had a better camera on my phone on times like this.  Better than Technicolor.

The rainbow appeared again as I passed the marshes near McNary Lane and the old farmhouses.  It was much closer, very grand and so brightly colored and vivid.  I could see the end of the rainbow.  I felt like a girl again, and smiled in spite of myself.  Sadly, there was no pot of gold sitting there for me.  It shifted further off as I approached the lowered speed limit of 45mph (down from 55), then as I turned off at the Dairy Queen exit, it was gone.

As I was driving up Graham Street, I noticed for the first time that all the fruit trees that were nearby had gone into bloom.  Petals were scattered daintily on the road and the sidewalks near the water tower at the top of the hill, and I saw a picturesque couple walking their dog through it.  They were dressed warmly, wearing jackets and winter hats.  She had dark hair and glasses.  They were smiling, enjoying their time outside.  They quickly left my view as I made the right turn onto Elder and finally reached my street.  More petals from the apple tree had littered the way to my apartment building, tiny white flakes on dark wet asphalt.  The alder trees were luminous.

The drive to Newport is always a beautiful one, but I am usually either too rushed or too tired to enjoy what is around me every day...the gorgeous trees, the sight of the Pacific ocean as I enter the city limits.  I even love it when it rains.  Very soon, I will have to take a break from my usual weekend routine and take my camera all around town and play tourist...take photos of every imaginable haunt and places that have caught my interest over my lifetime living here.  There is a friend of mine in California who I especially want to share these sights with, but mostly I want to share with everyone my idea of paradise, and it is right here on the Oregon coast.