Monday, April 21, 2014

What I See First

Eyes...brilliant eyes!
At first glance sad and mournful,
Then sparkling, laughing.
Always the intense pair, I enjoy
Being looked into by them.
I feel naked in his stare.

Tall legs.
I like to see a man's thighs.

Strong shoulders
Sure arms and capable hands
Covered in auto grease or acrylic paint-

A body that creates.

Lips...soft, sensual, full.
Watching him talk and smile,
I silently preview his kiss.
I like a rich actor's range.
Certain tones trigger a craving.
Even better when carrying a tune.

Hair...tousled, careless curls.
Begging my fingers to run wild,
I can see water from the shower
Dripping off, or is it sweat
From an afternoon of hard work
Or love making...
Hints of cologne!
(My nose, the primal seeker)