Saturday, May 24, 2014

I Know Who is Hunting Me.

I know who is hunting me.
The one who keeps watch and waits
For when I don't need him anymore
To strike, the owl making his deadly swoop
and snatch.  I gladly give myself
Each time, allowing my flesh to be torn
In your talons, later to be devoured
Whole and instantly forgotten-

Inside your body
I am regurgitated, scrambled up
Into a tiny ball of mangled
Bones and hair.  It takes so long
To rebuild and walk again.

Am I a drug?
Am I a catalyst?
Am I the addiction
That keeps you lifted
On your feet, the ghost
That haunts your shadow?
Because you are my drug,
My catalyst, my addiction, my ghost.
So much time can go by
Yet one word from you
Smashes down all the so-called "progress."

You are the beast I always loved,
My one constant threat.
But I thrill at danger, and dance
Again at our cliff's edge.
I can still see you flying.