Thursday, May 29, 2014

The night has grown quiet-
I wonder where you've gone.
Darkness threatens to take the smile
You've returned to my face.

What of these words
I've grown tired of seeing?
I miss them still,
These fragments of love
Are too far and in between
As I push forward
Demanding more.

Are my dreams a lie?
From the moment the blankets
Wrap around me tight like arms,
My mind floats like something unchained,
All around I see before me
Teasing flashes, sensations of pure love
Everywhere we go, a world of beauty
I created from a decade's mythology.

Is it all truly for you?
How else can I find out
But press for the time
I can touch you and see
Your eyes without sunglasses,
Put down my pack of smokes
and breathe your air
Before the evening clouds
My self doubt further.