Saturday, June 7, 2014

Male Stripper

I'm feeling very cold in this satin top.
A flimsy bow tie is all that keeps
It all from falling off and a man's
Hand comes up, the intimacy rising
The shivers inside my spine.
I looked up, expecting to see you.

My picturing of your face
Slowly melted away revealing
A handsome and strange face,
One I did not know, selling raffle tickets.
I exhaled and the room grew darker.

Being whipped around in my chair
By him some time later,
My fingers found a dollar bill
As my other hand grasped his bare thigh.
He swallowed my head up inside his shirt-
Chest muscles devoured my eyes.
I refused to breathe him in.
His perspiration clouded my glasses.

I'm glad I sat with my back to the door
You would never walk through,
I could not imagine the smile
You would bear, had you seen.
Should it have been your eyes instead?
I closed mine to transform his body
Into yours, a momentary escape

From the rapid disco lights and
The craving of a cigarette
Caused by his pheromone ripped six pack.