Friday, July 25, 2014

New contest on my FB page!

I am having a new giveaway! The prize? A hardcover copy of my favorite love story of all time, "Wuthering Heights". The book is in nearly new condition and is ready to ship out to the lucky winner.

What do you have to do in order to win this little book?  Go to my FB page (link is below) and tell me about your personal ideas of real love and what it is supposed to look and feel like. Be as descriptive as possible. You can even write a poem or a very short story, it does not have to be an essay as long as it is true to yourself and your ideals of true love.

For example, does your dream man/woman resemble a character in literary fiction, or perhaps someone who really exists or did exist? Is there a favorite story of yours that perfectly captures what you think real love should be? However you choose to craft your entry, please keep it PG rated...any overly erotic/sexual entries will be disregarded.  Also, the only place to submit your entry is in the comment section of the contest post itself, which is pinned to the top of my FB page.  Any entries submitted via private message, email or comments on this blog will not be considered.

Unleash the romantic inside of you, wear that heart on your sleeve. I will choose which entry I think is best and notify the winner via private message. You have until August 25th (one month from today) to submit your entry. Good luck!

Sara Megan Kay on Facebook