Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New year, new pieces

With time comes new little snippets of the past, written on paper that is as patient as Anne Frank once claimed they were.  Several of these are haikus, the rest...well, you tell me.  Feedback is always welcome.

Instinctively, your eye shifts
Away as if it did not see
A moment of realization, rejected
That it was I that you saw
Peering up in confusion,
I bite another finger
and repeat the question.


Feeling the emptiness
Of a sea of tables.
The darkness outside calls
"Spend!  Spend!  Spend!"
It cries to the broke traffic,
The ones who answer
Dig up their wallets
Hesitating, then obey in full
and beyond-  Poof!
Debt collectors rubbing their
Hands in glee,
The devil's work is never done.



In a rage, she shot
Fire from her mouth and I
Ran for my dear life.

He undressed close by.
I said I didn't want to
See, but I had lied.

Clouds burning pink light
Against a busy street.
I feel the cold.

You look at me and
Inside my body quivers.
I despise your youth.

Sitting here alone, I
Await your walking into
My door drunk.  Come in.

Moonlight slips on a
Robe of sadness and black
Bearded ladies sing.

Kiss me, fantasy-
This is why you stay away?
The wait turns me gray.


The only time I like snow
Is when I'm inside
Looking out upon it falling
Upon a full, well-lit parking lot.

Seeing the shaven flakes
Play their Christmas dance
On my neighbors cars
Warms the shivers on my back
and turns me into a child
That craves hot chocolate
With marshmallows.