Saturday, June 6, 2015

Four poems written 5/23/15

My good friend and writing partner Scott finally moved back home, so the first chance we got, I headed up to his place for a day of good food, friendship, and writing.  Hope you enjoy them.  Poems 1 & 3 are co-written by Scott.

Sunlit clouds through ceilings of green
Brought forth by a wave of beat
Saints, sinners, and all around sad sacks
They sit together, passing the pipe
Talking about the beauty around them
and the music it brings-
Each quote a piece of gold,
At the end of the night
A necklace is woven
But no one brought a tape recorder.


Glasses clink, a cigarette case snaps open-
Friends enjoy a toast full of meaning
That by morning will be forgotten.
Each refill brings a new
"Do you remember the time that..." or
"How about the night we got drunk and..."
Followed by laughter, rambled narratives
Over a clock that has stopped.


Ringlets of smoke hover over periods of time,
Yet we don't seem to age
While others fall and falter
From view, from the table
Where we all used to gather.
The wind seems to push everyone away
But those like us have deep roots
Holding firm against a fragile beach.


It was your birthday, but I kept silent.
Too much time passed without a word,
Perhaps you've forgotten us-
I refused to write because I wind up
Talking to nobody,
and with you never there
I am abandoned, ten years past that.

But I still think often of you,
How we used to bond over feelings
Unresolved and still lingering.
Given nothing but silence,
I'm forced to forget you too
But the dream inside still burns me.