Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Tiny Stab to the Heart

In a flash at a stop sign,
I saw your passing car and your turned head
Doing double takes while I sit and watch
You drive on, a sad acceptance
For your sullen passenger seat.

Subconsciously my fingertips touch the car window
In a half hearted wave hello,
But they wished to touch your face instead,
Or trace the outline of your shoulders
Or better yet, hold your hand-
Instead they grasped the steering wheel
As I made the right turn towards the green light
In the opposite direction of you and her.

I wonder if you said out loud
Whether you had recognized my car,
and whether she gave an indifferent grunt
In reply, or said nothing at all,
Staring straight ahead with a scowl
Souring her pretty face
When my eyes light up every time
You're around, then hide
So not to betray my inner wishes
To know your love, to see the artist
Living his art through body and mind.
Does she like to watch you work too?
Does she want to run away with you too?

The drive home was dark and silent,
The road an unseen guide home-
But not to the heart.
I follow it blindly.