Saturday, August 22, 2015

An excerpt from my upcoming novel.

Wrote him a letter tonight:

It is you that I see, stroking my suntan oiled skin
On this hot afternoon.
Puerto Vallarta is a long walk away, yet here we lie
In a little shaded place we found,
The only green grass for miles
and it is soft on our feet.

Your warm body always close to mine,
Your eyes are still new to me
But now closed in bliss, sipping a margarita
Breathing in the salty sea air
Slowly and methodically, as if
Replacing the molecules of your being
With our surroundings, having become
One with me, then with this moment we share together here right now.

I give a light kiss to your brow,
Your body responds with a low growl full of sex-
and a seagull flies above us
Barely concealed in the palm trees guarding us from the world,
The only words I can feel are
At long last love.

To finally be able to drink only of love
and be taken care of, to have my tired body
Massaged at night until invigorated,
Then exhausted as you penetrate both my body and soul at once,
Our lips possessed, we freestyle poetry to the wind
As we rock together in climbing ecstasy.

This is what I have waited for all my life,
The void finally filled and passion to be shared-
I no longer want but only need,
and you give it all, the great provider.
In return I have blossomed to you,
Opened like an iris to let you consume me-
Never have I been so completely devoured by someone so hungry.

Later we will lie together in bed and write this joy into life,
Then read it all out loud, giving it breath as we again make love-
(the only time my body does not ache)
Like animals we are locked together in a state of perfect fuck.
Behold, paradise!
It is here with you.