Saturday, November 12, 2016

For Jelly

I wrote this today in memory of my friend and former co-worker Angelica Kenney, who lost her life a little over 24 hours ago in a car accident.  This is for you, Jelly.

The brightest star on Earth
Shines now in our night
One more piece of light
To soothe the darkness in our hearts
Born from losing you

But that's how it goes, huh?
The beautiful, the young, the kind,
The lovers of life,
They touch their beauty upon us
Before quitting this world
While the beat, the bitter,
The lost and the searchers remain
Trying to fathom why, why you?

Why did you have to go,
You whose love infected your smile,
Shone through your blue eyes
and softened our pain, telling us
Life is beautiful, so enjoy- LIVE!
You, our constant angel.

I thank you for the sun today-
Your gift to the mourning and broken,
The sky as bright, as lovely
As your smile.
We look upon it wondering,
How could it be?

But then slowly, the sky grew gray
With our pain, the air went cold
As your lips now, silent and serene,
and the world goes on
Seconds ticking away since
Your last warm breath-
Life keeps going but the cost was you,
Now you're just another star
Hidden behind the clouds
That reflect our loss, our tears.

Angelica, thank you
For the gift that was your life,
For the love you gave
and the days you made better
With a quick peek and a wave.
Thank you for touching our world
Uniting us with your friendship.
Without you, we may be lost
So please, keep bringing us your light-
Keep telling us you're still here
While we try not to cry.