Thursday, April 19, 2012

New video: A Sexy Man

making headway...

Small progress has been made on my short story collection.

First off, the (so far) final working title is "Ghosts of the Field (and other stories)."  Thought that might be slightly catchier.  I am also recycling some old ideas and incorporating them into the book cover, making use of some alternative choices from the past.  You'll see what I mean very soon.

For now, I am pausing at the back cover.  I have some text space to fill, and don't know exactly what to do with it yet.  Currently the idea for now is to fill it with mini reviews of my previous books, including at least an excerpt from Matthew's glowing ROTCT review.  I'm hoping for more, maybe I'll get it.  Or else I won't.  Who knows at this point.  I still haven't settled on a release date yet.

On August 25th is the annual book fair run by Bob's Beach Books, which is one of the best local bookstores on the coast, if not the best.  Writers from all over Oregon and Washington show up for this fair.  Amanda and I have attended a few times, but last year it fell on my birthday so I chose not to go.  This year, however, I am hoping to secure a table.  My only problem is that I will have to get my hands on some of my books.  Bob's Beach Books has several copies of ROTCT first editions, which they are anxious to get rid of, I'm sure ;)  I will also need to get at least two copies apiece of ACW and SEPOC, and also the short story collection if it's out by then.  Of course, that will cost money!

Traci's book has been put on the back burner for some time.  I'm afraid that I won't be getting any more material to add to the final product, it's been nearly a year already since I began working on it and I'm tired of bugging mutual friends about writing something for it.  It makes me angry, is all.  Her life touched so many people, yet how many of them have taken the time to actually contribute something that honors her memory?  Counting me, only three.  It frankly makes me want to shake her so-called friends and slap them around.  I feel like people are acting like she never existed at all, if they can't be bothered to write a simple paragraph or two about her.

But anyway that is where I am at with all this.  It's a lot on my plate.  I try to focus on a little bit at a time.  The next time I have an update, you will know about it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

update on my short story collection

Despite battling a sudden cold, I have gotten loads done on my manuscript tonight...actually, I finished it.

That's right, my friends!

The manuscript part of "The Short Story Collection of Sara Megan Kay" is finished.  My next step will be to design a cover.  This is something I will take my time on, I want it to look delicious.  I will shoot for a June 3rd release, in honor of Traci's birthday.

I don't have any specific names in the dedication...only to my graduating class of Newport High School, and a few select members of the two grades below me (if they sat at my table during lunch and before school, they should know who they are).  Several of these people provided inspiration for many characters in the stories, as many of them were written during my high school years.

I am so excited, I hope I will get to fall asleep at a decent hour tonight!  So glad to end this day on a positive note.  This cold has been strangely debilitating in its brief stay.

Friday, April 6, 2012

New video posted: Sometimes I Shall Lie

This is the most ambitious reading I've done so far...and when I say that, I mean this is a reading of the LONGEST poem I have ever written.  This was penned in early September of 2005.  It was, and always will be, a declaration of love in it's purest (and most insecure and questioning) form.  Please like, fav, comment and share.  This is a poem that holds a very special place in my heart and memory.