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Big Announcement

I've made a big decision regarding my books that have been published over the years.  Some of them are going to be "retired", and will likely only be available in eBook form on my Kindle store and official bookstore.  So for those of you who have been meaning to buy a physical copy of "Roots of the Cypress Tree", "A Candlelit World", and "Ghosts of the Field", do it now before they're gone at, if anyone local buys a copy, I will happily sign it for them.I have plans to reissue "A Candlelit World" after a revision that will make it all mine, and no longer a collaborative effort as it currently is.  Ten years after it's publication (the anniversary was last year), the co-author revealed to me that she is now ashamed of it because of its pagan and supernatural elements, and for this and other reasons, she effectively dissolved our 20 year friendship and partnership last May. …

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