Saturday, December 13, 2014

Always Next Year

We are the eternal procrastinators.
Words moving out in time like spiders
Marching in step to the Piper's call.
Our messages cross paths now and then,
Like fools, we fall...all over again.

Love, the faint memory of it
Tastes like the burst fig fruit
Swollen in honey.
I tremble at the sweetness-
It's soft, like our first kiss.

Hope springs eternal fire
With each promise, every desire.
Always next year, we say
Maybe darling, but I could (you know)
But never for a night, not for show.

To know the same truth in my dreams
Lies in your arms, my own machines-
Is it waiting for me?
Must I ask directly, damn the torpedoes?
Send a wire, shout from the windows?

I love thee, you fucking fool!
Forever has thine heart been yours to rule.
Time matters not to twin souls,
We return back to the same tree
and a decade disappears from reality.

I pause from reaching out
Feeling insecure, full of self-doubt.
Do you want the same of me?
If I knew you were free and clear,
Next year is now, my dear.