Sunday, April 8, 2018

Another Storm

Another storm, it rages
At my window like Dylan Thomas's voice,
The rain rolling down the glass window behind me,
As wet, thick layers of skin peeling down
My foot after a long day of wearing wet flats-

My head and heart are here.
Also, somewhere in Los Angeles,
Fragments have gathered.

The wind outside is screaming.
What am I not hearing?
A lost face, a pair of eyes
Do I see, yet these hands won't touch?
The rain has become claws on my back.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

For Your Eyes Only

Were I to reach out, pen in hand,
Would you be there, waiting?
Did you feel the opportunity
For connection, will you reach out too?
The desire you crave, I'd answer it
In dreams, though the physical spark
Would lead me to panic,
My astral kisses rise to find yours
As our spectres tangle like ivy,
Choking us in their grip.

Do you feel it too?
Or am I alone?
Overthinking these many mirages,
Bring burned by your eyes.
This little death I'd surrender to your arms,
Overcome by fingers~

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Michael is a poet based in the Los Angeles area, I've known him for the better part of a decade. At the moment, he is currently homeless and needs all the help and support he can get, so I am sharing the link to his books on Amazon, plus links to his blog and his Lulu storefront in the hopes that a fellow bookworm out there is looking for a new author to discover. His poetry is like going down a whole other rabbit's dark, mystical, full of exquisite pain and passion. If you like my poetry, you're certain to love his.

Michael G. Stone on Amazon

Michael G. Stone on Lulu

The Distorted Poet (official website)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I've wandered deep into darkness
My eyes barely adjusted
To see creatures weaving a trail
Of smoke and fly from my sight.
I am so hungry it hurts,
The hole in my stomach travels up
Near the heart, still beating.

Twin flames burn in the distance.
What started this little fire?
I see words carved into the walls-
Faded, antique, long dead letters
In a language I am not fluent in,
But the flames still burn out of nothing,
I smell no crackling tinder,
No gasoline poured upon the ground.

Footsteps are always far away,
I await the random sound of
A warm voice calling me,
The touch of electric shock
From rough fingertips,
The feeling of being seen
Even here in the dark.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Finally, an update.

It feels like eons since I've been able to do any work on my poetry manuscript.  It's actually been almost four years!  It took me two separate sittings to get everything together, going over four separate sources (since I can't seem to keep everything in one place anymore).  I was at 29 pages when I started, and now I'm up to 71.  Yeah, it felt good to finish that.

I haven't been able to do much writing these last few years because I'd been so busy at work.  I originally started working in fast food because I wanted a flexible enough schedule so I could make some money and still be able to write.  Well, after nearly 20 years, I reached my end.  It had gotten to the point where I only had time to work.  My spirit was being stifled.  I left McDs to go across the street to BK in December 2016, because I got an offer to become their next store manager.  That lasted until the following April when I got demoted.  Apparently I couldn't cut it.  Really, I wasn't given much of a chance.  I stuck it out as long as I could, but my schedule was swallowing me up.  I wound up quitting on Thursday.  I have a much better job lined up starting on the 1st, which will put me back on a normal schedule and I'll have much more time to work on my projects.

Which begs for another update...

I am thinking of shelving the diary book.  It's become nothing more than a silly series of erotic encounters and writing out my desires for celebrity and other crushes.  I have nothing left to give to this project right now which can bring it any substance.  Perhaps I will return to it after I've had more time, but as I write this, the hope is very dim.

In the meantime, I will be enjoying this much needed time off before starting the new job.  I will be posting more often in the future.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New video posted!

After what feels like an eon, I have made my first post to my YouTube channel.  It's another departure from my poetry readings, this time I show you how to give your cat a bath.  It's something that scares a lot of people, but I have had pretty good success with it, so in my video you get to see how I do it.  I originally posted this to my Facebook, but after several people telling me to put it up on YouTube, I went ahead and did that last night.  Rick was the guy behind the camera, it wanders from time to time, but otherwise he did a great job.

I plan on shooting a series of these with my three other cats, so you can see how I deal with cats who will put up a fight in the bath.  In this video, the unfortunate drowned rat is my oldest cat, Duchy.  She was adopted from my local animal shelter in 2009, and she will be turning 15 this year.  Can we help her go viral? 

How to Give Your Cat a Bath, Episode One: Duchy

Saturday, November 12, 2016

For Jelly

I wrote this today in memory of my friend and former co-worker Angelica Kenney, who lost her life a little over 24 hours ago in a car accident.  This is for you, Jelly.

The brightest star on Earth
Shines now in our night
One more piece of light
To soothe the darkness in our hearts
Born from losing you

But that's how it goes, huh?
The beautiful, the young, the kind,
The lovers of life,
They touch their beauty upon us
Before quitting this world
While the beat, the bitter,
The lost and the searchers remain
Trying to fathom why, why you?

Why did you have to go,
You whose love infected your smile,
Shone through your blue eyes
and softened our pain, telling us
Life is beautiful, so enjoy- LIVE!
You, our constant angel.

I thank you for the sun today-
Your gift to the mourning and broken,
The sky as bright, as lovely
As your smile.
We look upon it wondering,
How could it be?

But then slowly, the sky grew gray
With our pain, the air went cold
As your lips now, silent and serene,
and the world goes on
Seconds ticking away since
Your last warm breath-
Life keeps going but the cost was you,
Now you're just another star
Hidden behind the clouds
That reflect our loss, our tears.

Angelica, thank you
For the gift that was your life,
For the love you gave
and the days you made better
With a quick peek and a wave.
Thank you for touching our world
Uniting us with your friendship.
Without you, we may be lost
So please, keep bringing us your light-
Keep telling us you're still here
While we try not to cry.